Siphelele Xatasi, Ledwaba Finance & Tax

Mr. Siphelele Xatasi, Chief Finance & Taxation

Mr. Siphelele Xatasi, Chief Finance & Taxation

Mr Xatasi managed to serve in different boards as a board member of different   companies especially on Enterprise Development and Training as an Advisor and a Business Developer.  Mr Xatasi managed to get together qualified Accountants to work together in different projects including Mining, Sources of new technology in different industries, Financial Literacy, Marketing, Funding of new Enterprises and Operational Entities.

. Putting together bid documents for Enterprise Development Tenders for different provinces.

. Training Facilitation on Financial Literacy for City of Johannesburg

. Mr Xatasi worked with companies like:

Enterprise Support

Nkonjane cc

Financial Literacy Express

Masase Group

RBJ Group

Mothapo Engineers

Still Black Trading and Enterprise

All the work carried out in the above companies was on consultation bases